Best 3 Corded Over-Ear Headsets for Business

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Equipment that is suitable for the fast-paced business environment of today can improve communication and productivity by a substantial margin. A professional headset of superior quality is an essential possession for individuals who manage calls on numerous devices.

The subsequent three corded, over-ear headsets are exceptional for business use due to their comfort, multi-device compatibility, and superior sound quality:


40 Jabra Evolve

The Jabra Evolve 40 is distinguished by its ergonomic construction and adaptability. Its 3.5mm jack and USB connector enable it to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. The dual-speaker system provides crystal-clear audio, while the noise-cancelling microphone eliminates any potential background distractions, ensuring that your voice is heard precisely. Designed for all-day comfort, the leatherette ear cushions make this product ideal for lengthy conference calls and multimedia use.


Sennheiser SC 260 Epos

Tailored to withstand the high-pressure environments of call centres and dynamic office environments, the Epos | Sennheiser SC 260 is an exceptionally durable and versatile product. This headset features renowned audio technology from Sennheiser and a sturdy construction. By reducing background noise, the noise-canceling microphone enables clear communication in noisy environments. Additionally, its comfortable fit and binaural design contribute to fatigue reduction and acoustic clarity.


Blackwire Poly 5220

The Blackwire 5220 from Poly is ideal for professionals who demand superior sound quality and adaptability. By providing USB-A and 3.5mm connectivity options, this model is exceptionally versatile for linking to desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. The stereo sound produced by the dual-ear design improves both call quality and music playback. The padded ear cushions and lightweight construction guarantee comfort during the course of the workday, while the inline controls simplify the task of managing calls.



Choosing the proper headset can significantly enhance your working experience, particularly if you require dependable, high-quality equipment that can keep up with your demands for multitasking. The Poly Blackwire 5220, Epos | Sennheiser SC 260, and Jabra Evolve 40 each provide distinctive attributes that accommodate diverse professional environments and inclinations. These headsets can withstand back-to-back calls or difficult environments, regardless of the level of noise in the office.

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