Headset Support and Set-up

All brands provided by The Headset Shop have extensive online guides and support systems to help you get your headset working with your set-up. It is recommended that you look at the set-up guides for the product you wish the purchase prior to doing so to ensure compatibility.

Plantronics Support

Plantronics have a large online support guide and knowledge database supporting all of their products which you can view by clicking the button below. Alternatively, you can contact Plantronics Australia on either one of their toll-free numbers: 1800 793 150 or 1800 428 526.

View Plantronics Online Support

Jabra Support

Through Jabra's support website, you can access documentation and tutorials, FAQ and troubleshooting and downloads and drivers. Simply type in the product name in the search box on the Jabra site to be redirected to the relevant page(s). You can also phone their customer support line 24 hours a day 5 days a week on 1300 362 672.

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Sennheiser Support

Sennheiser has a vast online support system including FAQs, downloads, servicing and more. Using the search function on the Sennheiser site, you can locate more information on your product, including any relevant free headset software. You may prefer to contact Sennheiser Australia for more personalised product support on (02) 9910 6700.

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