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Unveiling the Jabra Engage 65 Mono. Dive into the realm of unmatched clarity and unparalleled connectivity. This isn't just a headset. This is an audio revolution.

Power-packed Features

  • Industry-Leading Wireless Range: Stay connected, regardless of where you are in the office. Experience the freedom of a range up to 150m/490ft.

  • High-Density Experience: Triple the number of users in your workspace without sacrificing connection quality.

  • Advanced Noise-Cancellation: Delve into crystal-clear calls even amidst bustling office chaos.

  • Certified Skype Excellence: Fully optimised for Skype for Business Open Office say goodbye to hitches in those critical meetings.

  • All-day Power: With up to 13 hours of talk time, your conversations need not be cut short.

  • Dual Device Connectivity: From USB softphones to analogue phones, we've got you covered.

  • Personalised Comfort: Whether you're into stereo or mono, there's a style tailored just for you.

  • Fast Charging: Jump to 40% in a mere 30 minutes. And when you're fully charged in under 90? That's an entire day of unhindered conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Jabra Engage 65

How does the Jabra Engage 65 stand out?

The Jabra Engage 65 stands out due to its superior DECT wireless technology that offers a range of up to 150m/490ft. With the capability to connect to two devices simultaneously and deliver up to 13 hours of talk time, it's engineered for professionals seeking top-notch audio clarity and seamless connectivity.

Noise everywhere. Is Jabra 65 Noise-Cancelling?

Absolutely. Dive into clear, noise-free conversations, no matter where you are. The Jabra Engage 65 comes equipped with an advanced noise-cancelling microphone. This ensures that calls remain crystal-clear, even in noisy office environments, enhancing the overall customer experience.

How long does the Jabra Engage 65 Last?

The Jabra Engage 65 provides up to 13 hours of continuous talk time on a single charge. Furthermore, its fast-charging feature allows it to reach 40% charge in just 30 minutes and a full charge in 90 minutes. This means a single charge fuels up to 13 hours of continuous talk. We're built for the long haul.

Engage 65 vs 75 - what's the difference?

The Engage 65 is the perfect blend of connectivity and longevity. Need details? Here's a Link to the comparison page. The primary differences lie in connectivity and interface. While the Engage 65 connects to two devices, the Engage 75 connects to five, including Bluetooth devices. The Engage 75 also boasts a touchscreen base, providing a more intuitive user experience.

Mono Headset - what does it mean?

A "Mono Headset" refers to a headset designed with a single earpiece. This design allows users to engage in calls or listen to media while remaining aware of their surroundings, making it ideal for professionals who need to balance focused work with team interactions.

Elevate Your Audio Experience

For those who value communication, the Jabra Engage 65 Mono is more than a purchase. It's an investment. Dive into the world of crisp sound, seamless connections, and impeccable design.

Experience the pinnacle of professional audio with the Jabra Engage 65 Mono. Perfect for Skype meetings, intense client calls, or simply jamming to your favourite tunes. Dive into Australia's preferred choice in DECT wireless headsets.

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